CCIC CDIB International Corp.

Compliance with the Climate Risk requirement

Hong Kong, April 3, 2023

March 31, 2023 

CDIB Capital International (Hong Kong) Corporation Limited (“CCHK”) attaches high importance to issues relating to climate change, including how climate change brings about business risks and opportunities, as well as how the CCHK’s operations, investments and financing activities have impact on climate change. CCHK aims to align its activities with the environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) goal of the CDF Group. CCHK maintains a board of directors which comprises of experienced industry professionals. CCHK has appointed senior members within the CDIB Group as Managers-In-Charge of its core business functions. CCHK’s board of directors are responsible for determining the firm’s climate-related risk requirements to ensure compliance with the applicable rules under the Securities and Futures Commission. CCHK’s board of directors are information on matters relating to the firm’s climate-related risks on an annual basis. CCHK’s board of directors monitor the firm’s status and progress of efforts to manage climate-related risks on an ongoing basis. CCHK’s Manager-In-Charge of Compliance is responsible for keeping the firm’s board of directors updated with regards to matters relating to climate-related risks. CCHK considers climate-related risks to be relevant but not material to the funds under its advice. CCHK utilizes both qualitative and quantitative methods to evaluate the relevance and materiality of climate-related risks on the funds on an annual basis.


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