CCIC CDIB International Corp.

Investment Strategy

CDIB Capital is deeply rooted with long term value creation and capital preservation principals, employed through disciplined portfolio construction, and investment structures that incorporate downside protection and mitigate risk.

Private Equity

CDIB Capital invests in high quality enterprises with proven business models, strong growth prospects and clear management objectives. Since inception, we have successfully pursued our “China Plus” strategy, seeking opportunities that encompass China inbound/ outbound linkages and well-positioned to benefit from Asia’s economic growth momentum.

Our seasoned team’s industry expertise, local knowledge and extensive network has allowed us to work closely with portfolio companies, act as a catalyst for change and assist businesses in reaching their potential value and growth objectives.

Differentiated "China Plus" Strategy

Two Pronged Investment Strategy

China Linkages:

  • China Inbound: Regional and international enterprises with the intent to enter China and the broader Asia Pacific region
  • China Outbound: Greater China companies that require strategic and operational support for international expansion

International Orientation

Investing in and around China allow for:

  • Exposure to economic growth upside with diversification benefits
  • Insulation from China's cyclical volatility
  • Broader set of exit alternatives

Market Focus

  • Provides opportunity to capitalize on information inefficiencies
  • Anticipate investment themes and trends across targeted geographies
  • Mitigate structural and market risks

Regional Team and Infrastructure

  • Asia Pacific on-the-ground presence
  • Experienced team of investment professionals with diverse backgrounds and deep local knowledge
  • Leverage CDF platform resources

Special Situations

In today’s dynamic market environment, factors such as high market volatility, sovereign financial crises, capital market dislocations and changing governmental and economic policies, create attractive investment opportunities that fall outside of our core investment strategies. CDIB Capital recognizes the benefits of opportunistically investing in these special situations. By leveraging the deep synergies across CDF’s platform, we can selectively source and execute opportunities such as acting as cornerstone investor in IPOs, investing in mezzanine debt, or buying into secondary private equity or debt positions.