CCIC CDIB International Corp.

Value Creation

We believe our management expertise (including operating experience of several senior management members), regional infrastructure, track record, and access to CDF’s platform uniquely position us to add value to our portfolio companies. We have utilized our resources to assist our portfolio companies’ operations by introducing potential customers, identifying cost-efficient suppliers, pursuing M&A opportunities, recruiting management talent, improving governance, and accessing attractive funding sources. Our access to CDF’s extensive corporate network enables us to tap into established industry network, extensive investment banking and capital market practices when necessary.


 Integrated Operations Team

 Our highly experienced Operations team works in close partnership with the investment teams both before and after an investment. The team also provides strategic and operational advice to management teams on a variety of improvement measures.


 Value-Add Activities

The team of investment professionals responsible for securing the acquisition of a company remains with the portfolio company throughout the life of the investment. Each team comprises highly experienced, on-the-ground investment professionals with deep roots in their local markets. Every team is able to leverage the wider CDF network, calling on the expertise of investment officers across all offices together with the Operations team.

We work closely with management to create a strong operational framework that enables the business to thrive and provide decisive strategic direction as it grows. 

Key drivers of outperformance are typically:

  • Building and securing top quality management teams
  • Professionalizing organizations and Strengthening ESG
  • Ensuring operational efficiency
  • Investing for organic growth
  • Driving growth through acquisitions
  • Optimizing capital structures