CCIC CDIB International Corp.

Value Creation

We believe our regional infrastructure, track record, and access to CDF’s platform uniquely position us to add value to our portfolio companies. We have utilized our resources to assist our portfolio companies’ operations by introducing potential customers, identifying cost-efficient suppliers, pursuing M&A opportunities, recruiting management talent, improving governance and accessing attractive funding sources. Our access to CDF’s extensive corporate network enables us to tap into established industry network, extensive investment banking and capital market practices when necessary.

Value-Add Activities:

  • Operational Improvement: develop and define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to enhance operational transparency and optimize resource allocation
  • New Business Relationships: Leverage our extensive relationship network to identify strategic partners and potential customers
  • Management Talent: recommend and recruit talented industry professionals to assist in achieving operational objectives with a focus on functional excellence
  • Strategic Review: collaborate closely with our partners’ management team to support their long-term growth initiatives. Assist in formulating strategic plans to help strengthen market position, leverage core competencies, drive organic expansion, identify acquisition opportunities, and address competitive threats and challenges
  • Corporate Governance: Enhance internal controls and corporate best practices to align interests of all stakeholders
  • Capital Markets: Facilitate access to debt and equity capital markets to provide growth capital, market liquidity and unlock shareholder value